"Waddle on!" ~Lane Merrifield (Billybob)

Muppets Party, 2014!

Hey guys! First official post in, forever! Well, let's get started! Imma tell you how to get the "Constintine" Backround! First, go to the town.
Now go to the museum.
(As you can see, I already did this.)
Anyways, click on the glass jewel cases, all of them, and a message will pop up. Now click OK(i think) and you will get the backround!
Lol its kinda creepy
SO thats all for now, bye!


Yeah, has anyone even been posting? Please comment D:


I'm all alone I guess.....

Happy Birthday Club Penguin

I'm not back as an author but I did say ill make a guest post someday, well its the day that I will. I don't play Club Penguin anymore but I decided to say Happy Birthday to Club Penguin. Club Penguins birthday had past but I still wish to say this wish to Club Penguin and all. If you didn't know CP was made on October 24 2005 and recently Club Penguin had its anniversary. I wanna wish you all a good Club Penguin Anniversary for y'all that read this post. Also don't forget that I said hello to all you staff and viewers. Well good bye and waddle on!

Hey guys!

I'm back ;) Does anyone remmeber me? I see that someone on the blog is leaving :( But that's ok, we will miss him, but the blog will live on! (I think..) anyways, I will post later today! BYE!

A Fare Well ...

After a year and a half of posting, I will have to retire and leave the blog. I sadly have to leave because I am getting very inactive on posting and Club Penguin. Well the reason is because I am starting middle school and I was put in the gifted class where I have lots of Home Work and studying and I have almost no time to blog. I also started playing a new game called ROBLOX, its real epic and you can learn the ways of building and engineering. This blog has helped me get through a lot and feel good about helping you guys. I will continue to skim around CP sometimes and say hi to toy guys. I will still be visiting this blog often and supporting this blog, but as always Waddle On!

Club Penguin Blog: #WaddleOn Suggestions!

Here's a short post on the What's New Blog concerning #WaddleOn by Polo Field! Check it out:
Hey Penguins!

Here are some possible ideas the team has for upcoming episodes of #WaddleOn... What do you think would happen in these scenes?
-Club Penguin Team
Hmm... Painterbird could be a big developer of #WaddleOn, seeing as he's in the pictures, but that's not the point, is it? ;) Wow, random scenes here. Maybe the first one could be that the penguin is behind the screen, and someone says to come out, and he looks like that? The second one, well... "The Cow jumped through the hoop", and, well, I have nothing for the third one. ;)

Thanks Saraapril

Penguin Poll: Favorite Summer Activity

New Penguin Poll! What's your favorite Summer activity?
The Summer Jam is coming to Club Penguin! What's your favorite summer activity?
  • Playing at the beach
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Going to a water park
  • Traveling
Probably my favorite thing to do is hiking. I really enjoy that. :)

Thanks Saraapril